Firestopping is part of a fire protection system, which seeks to contain fire and smoke, by compartmentation of the structure. Fire-stopping (a passive system) works by setting up fire-barrier compartments, sealing penetrations, joints, and perimeters of fire rated assemblies. Firestopping, unlike active fire protection systems such as fire, smoke, heat alarms an sprinkler systems, does not depend on mechanical, and or electrical systems to function properly.

Freeman Air works in conjunction with a Full Service Commercial Construction Company who specializes in fire-stopping. They are a member of the Firestop Contractors International Association (FCIA) and a Hilti Accredited Speciality Contractor.


We can assist you with an audit, determine a plan of action, implement a solution, and provide documentation for all firestopping systems utilized.

We currently perform all firestopping after determining a specific UL approved firestopping system (design selection), or we apply for engineering judgments from our primary supplier. Furthermore, we document each penetration and joint, the solution, exact location, the employee(s) who completed work, and the date it was completed. We have even gone as far to provide our clients with a complete manual, of our procedures, products, and as mentioned above a listing of work that has been completed.

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